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Providing the Best Addiction Treatment for You

Elevate Addiction Services’ experienced and empathetic staff are dedicated to asssessing addiction treatment needs and creating personalized, non-12 step recovery programs for our clients. Too many addiction treatment facilities employ a “one-size-fits-all” methodology for processing new patients, and that can result in mismatched patients and programs. Our method, backed by complete assessments of the caller’s addiction, emotional and financial situations, is to create the right rehab – at the right cost.

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Why Choose Us? What Elevate Addiction Services Has To Offer

There are many rehab and addiction treatment facilities throughout the United States, and just as many different programs. The choice can be overwhelming. That’s where we step in. Our talented agents will ascertain your needs in addiction treatment and match you to the an individually-designed program which will be most effective for you. Whether it’s inpatient alcohol detox or outpatient dual diagnosis treatment, we can make a program which works. Find an alternative to cookie-cutter rehab today.


We Do The Legwork

Rather than spending hours online researching and then trying to find someone who will listed, let Elevate Addiction Services do the hard work of assessment for you.

Discreet and Private Assessment

All calls and assessment are 100% private and discreet, in compliance with HIPPAA regulations and various certifications. We are dedicated to the confidentiality of the admissions process.

Right Rehab, Right Cost

We recognize that rehab can be expensive. That’s why Elevate Addiction Services will work with your insurance provider to make sure we pick a solution that works – and that you can afford.

Types of Addiction Treatment Services

There is no such thing as a “general issue” rehab program – each individual patient has unique needs, in terms of what kind of treatment they want, the type of program they desire, their schedule and locations, and the cost. As an example, there’s no point in sidgning a program for a case of cocaine addiction for an individual who needs alcohol detox. To that end, Elevate’s agents will give you or your loved one a full assessment and design a new, personalized program for their situation.

Inpatient Addiction Services

The most effective form of addiction treatment program, inpatient treatment lasts from 30 to 90 days on average and completely separates the patient from the triggers and temptations of daily life. Elevate can place patients in programs ranging from non 12-Step, to traditional talk therapy programs, to holistic, meditation-based programs and everything in between.

Outpatient Addiction Services

For those who do not have the freedom to spend 30 days in isolation, for example working folks, students, or new parents, outpatient addiction centers like ours provide a great option. Outpatient treatment from Elevate is very accessible and more affordable in general than inpatient options. Call today to learn more about how to get started in outpatient treatment.

Dual Diagnosis Facilities

In over 60% of cases of addiction, there is a co-occurring mental health disorder such as depression or anxiety. When you call Elevate Addiction Services, as part of our complete assessment, we will identify any dual diagnosis concerns and match the caller to our program which most appropriately matches their needs.

Get Started On Your Journey

Entering into an addiction recovery program can be intimidating; negative portrayals in the media have often shown rehab and detox in a bad light, and that prevents some people in need from seeking help. At Elevate, we specialize in utilizing our depth of experience in the rehab world to create, personalize, and implement non-12 step, holistic treatment in a positive and uplifting setting.

Our Addiction Blogs

Check back often to keep up with the latest trends and perspectives on rehab and recovery from addiction. As every person has a unique situation, so does every addiction treatment program have a different suite of programs to offer. Our addiction blogs are updated regularly, so come back often.

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