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The holistic approach to rehab used at Elevate drug treatment centers is part of a continuing trend towards more natural ways of healing substance abuse. Many people who have been struggling with drug abuse will more than likely be experiencing the significant ravages of the illness on their wellbeing. Holistic therapies seek to identify the source of addictive behaviors and heal the body from the inside out; physically, emotionally and psychologically.

However, there is still some disagreement in the field of drug treatment as to the effectiveness of holistic rehab. This is mainly because there is no significant body of research to provide evidence of such. Nevertheless, the journey from substance abuse to recovery is an intensely personal one and for many, holistic drug treatment centers offer the most effective route to take for their unique needs.

At Elevate, we combine holistic therapies with evidence-based drug treatment such as behavioral therapy and counseling. Research backs this up as being an effective combination in promoting long-term recovery.

What Is Offered at a Holistic Drug Treatment Center?

According to research by the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health, around a third of American adults use some type of holistic medicine. As a consequence, our understanding of the benefits of holistic practices is now better than it has ever been, with more people turning to ancient methods for healing all sorts of conditions including addiction.

Elevate’s holistic rehab focuses on an integrated physical, mental and spiritual approach for treating substance abuse. The techniques and therapies we use are often referred to as alternative or complementary and are mostly practices that are derived from cultural tradition, such as the following:

  • Meditation, deep breathing and yoga
  • Massage Therapy
  • Experiential drug treatments like art & music therapy
  • Aromatherapy
  • Nutritional awareness
  • Physical fitness

This list of therapies is just a selection from the wide range available today although all holistic drug treatment programs have the common denominator of treating the whole person rather than their symptoms. Addiction has widespread consequences for individuals who have been suffering alone for some time and the goal of holistic rehab is to address all the needs of the individual rather than solely the behavioral aspects.

Behavioral Therapy in Holistic Rehab

Behavioral therapies are evidence-based which means there is research to back up their effectiveness. Elevate offers behavioral counseling which is intended to identify the negative thought process that may drive a person’s substance abuse. Addiction is an illness that develops over time and has a direct impact on brain function. Behavioral therapies are discussion-based so that patients are guided to explore their innermost thoughts, feelings, and fears. Once identified, the therapist can work with the individual to make changes to how they view themselves, drugs and the world around them to find a clear path forward to recovery.

Behavioral therapies complement holistic drug treatment programs perfectly in that they reinforce logical thinking and better decision-making, which drives healthier behaviors in recovery.

Using Holistic Techniques for Substance Abuse Treatment

The objective of Elevate’s holistic substance abuse program is to deal with several factors considered to contribute to addiction, such as:

  • Physical symptoms of withdrawal
  • Neurochemical and emotional imbalance
  • Lack of spiritual grounding
  • Poor dietary habits and malnourishment
  • Environmental toxin and contaminants

The Effectiveness of Holistic Techniques

People who are researching holistic rehab often find it difficult to find research to back up its effectiveness. This is purely for the reason that no major research study has been carried out since holistic practices were first incorporated into rehab quite a few years ago. Ultimately, it is purely the decision of the individual as to whether they feel the holistic approach resonates with them. The effectiveness of any substance abuse rehab program depends entirely on the individual’s personal experience at the center.

Holistic drug treatment centers are particularly appealing to people who are suffering the consequences of prolonged substance abuse. The destructiveness of addiction ensures people are trapped in a negative cycle of substance abuse and withdrawal that they can’t break free from. This is mainly because of the significant influences of substances on brain chemistry which take some time to eradicate on a drug treatment program.

Many rehab centers still place a strong reliance on potent medications to treat substance abuse. However, at Elevate, we feel this places people at risk of developing another type of dependency, which is why we focus on the natural approach. The human body has enormous powers of healing that are largely untapped due to our dependence on conventional medicine. Holistic therapy sets out to heal the individual as a whole, boosting the body’s natural mechanisms to protect th

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