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Elevate Addiction Services’ holistic drug and alcohol detox programs in San Jose are available to help individuals work their way through the after-effects of substances they have become dependent on. Detox programs rid the body of the toxins and contaminants that remain in the tissues after the actual drug has left the body.

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The Drug Detox Process

Whether they are doing a detox for a drug test or simply trying to improve their health, the process is basically the same. In cases where the patient’s health is compromised, the detox process may be drawn out as to not shock the body and make their health worse. Trying to detox on their own can put their health at risk so it’s important that they work with trained professionals who can closely monitor their health. Medically supervised detox programs can reduce the severity of a patient’s withdrawal symptoms and treat any adverse health issues that may begin to appear as the body works through the detox process.

Replacing the Bad with the Good

Without an effective detox program, the drugs will eventually leave the body but it will take months for the healing process to actually begin. With a drug detox program, the toxins and contaminants are flushed from the body so that fresh oxygen and nutrients can be dispersed throughout the body. This boosts the patient’s immune system and gives them a fresh start when it comes to enhancing the body’s ability to heal effectively. Once the drugs have worked their way of the system, it’s important to provide the body with the nutrients it needs to thrive.

Cravings may still be present for months after the detox program has been completed, but continually flooding the body with the nutrients it needs will help the patient to work through the cravings and maintain their path to good health.

Drug Test Detox

A drug test detox helps the patient remove any traces of the drugs from their system. While there are some remedies that can simply mask the traces of certain drugs, a true drug test detox effectively flushes the drug from the body, leaving behind no residue or contaminants. Detox drug tests are often administered throughout the detox program to determine how the patient is doing and far along they are in the process. Individuals who require a medically supervised detox program are normally long-term users, especially users that are addicted to intravenous drugs and hard opiates. For someone who is trying to detox for a drug test, the process is much simpler. Either way, if the patient is fully addicted to any drugs or alcohol, being a supervised program can be very beneficial.

The Benefits of an Effective Drug and Alcohol Detox Program

If a patient enrolls in medically supervised drug and alcohol detox program, the benefits they receive will lead them towards improved health and long-term, sustainable sobriety. A few of the most profound benefits include:


Eliminate any traces of the drug


Reduce the severity of withdrawal symptoms


Provide a safe and comfortable environment


Closely monitor the patient for any signs of physical distress


Treat any health conditions that may arise immediately to avoid any long-term health issues


Provide counseling and support throughout the entire process

A detox program isn’t designed to just help the body. It’s also used to ease the mind of the patient. Detox programs are not designed to treat a drug or alcohol addiction. It is used to facilitate the healing process. True healing does not occur while traces of the drug are still present. When the drugs and alcohol are still in the system, they will continue to affect the body and the mind. Eliminating them through an effective detox program is the only way to get the process started.

Holistic or Medical Detox – Find the Best Program for You

Elevate’s drug detox programs in San Jose are effective at treating the entire person. As the drugs are being flushed from the body and nutrients are introduced to take their place, our counselors are hard at work assessing the patient’s needs and designing a specialized program of treatment. As a person goes through the detox process, they can experience a wide array of emotions and physical symptoms, many of which aren’t so pleasant. With our comfortable, holistic detox program, the patient is placed under constant supervision and provided with everything they need to begin their journey to successful healing and overall good health.

Take Back Your Life Today

Don't settle for a boilerplate rehab experience. All it takes is one phone call to get started on changing your life or that of a loved one for the better.

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