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Drugs and Addiction Overview

Addiction, whether to drugs or alcohol, is a chronic illness. Like most cancer, diabetes, and heart disease; it doesn’t simply go away on its own. It requires specialized treatment by talented professionals who have devoted their time, attention, studies, and skills to helping people overcome this medical condition.

In other words, individuals living with addiction and the people who love them need to consider the top drug rehab San Jose has to offer in order to get help recovering from this medical condition.

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Drug Treatment San Jose

The National Institute on Drug Abuse describes addiction as a compulsion to seek out drugs or alcohol regardless of harmful consequences that cause changes in brain chemistry leading to harmful behaviors. It is a disease with high rates of relapse – especially among people who choose to go it alone when trying to quit. It is possible, though, to improve the odds of a lasting recovery by participating in the quality drug rehab San Jose, CA facilities that specialize in treating addiction provides.

What Defines a Solid Treatment Program?

The key to effective treatment for drug addiction involves more than one step. The first step is obvious. Stop the drug use. It sounds simple. However, some drugs make changes to the body chemistry that create intense cravings for the substances. When people stop using their substances of choice, the pain can be overwhelming. In some cases, it can be lethal.

This is only one reason why it is so important for people trying to quit abusing drugs. It is critical to go through a medically supervised detox and withdrawal stage in which necessary medications may be administered to help minimize discomfort, without introducing unnecessary chemicals into the body.

The second step in an effective drug rehab program is that it assists people in remaining drug free. This is the hard part for many people. In even the best programs for drug rehabilitation, San Jose residents must eventually leave the relative safety and comfort of recovery centers and face their friends, families, coworkers, and communities. This includes all the negative influences, negative thoughts, stress, and responsibilities that go along with them.

Finally, the top drug rehab centers in California provide patients with the tools they need to be productive in their homes, their jobs, and their communities. Sometimes, this involves little more than teaching them coping mechanisms so they aren’t tempted to return to addiction to help manage the stress of their lives. At other times, this goes much deeper and involves working to repair broken self-esteem, connect with community resources that offer vocational training or education, and providing access to countless other resources for managing finances, repairing relationships, avoiding negative influences, and getting legal help in some situations.

In terms of the many benefits patients can enjoy from going through drug rehab centers San Jose residents should take their time and find one that offers a variety of features and services that appeal to their needs – not only for drug rehabilitation, but also for rebuilding their lives in the aftermath.

Drug Rehab San Jose, CA – What Should Patients Expect?

When going through drug rehab, San Jose or elsewhere, there are some things patients and their families should expect. First, they should expect their loved ones to go through an intensive detox or withdrawal period. Many drugs are chemical in nature and many more are mixed with a variety of chemicals. It’s going to take a while for the body to adjust to their absence. The average detox period lasts about 30 days from start to finish though some patients may go through this part of their recoveries much faster. Some may take a little longer. Look for treatment facilities that allow patients to progress in their own time.

The next stage of treatment involves physical healing for patients. This is the time when doctors will treat physical conditions that occurred as part of addiction or as a result of addictive behavior. In some instances, addiction came about in attempts to self-medicate for a variety of medical conditions. This period also involves teaching patients about the importance of nutrition and fitness in keeping the body – and the spirit – in good health. Again, this period lasts about 30 days.

Finally, there is the emotional aspect of healing. For some patients, this is the most critical part. This is when the patients go through intensive therapy sessions, group therapy, training in life skills, and preparation to return to their lives as whole people who are no longer weighed down by their addiction. It is this stage that allows people to return to their lives and stay drug free long after they would likely have returned to drugs without the intervention of qualified medical professionals.

Take Back Your Life Today

Don't settle for a boilerplate rehab experience. All it takes is one phone call to get started on changing your life or that of a loved one for the better.

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