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It’s hard to imagine never taking another drug or sip of alcohol to the addict, but that’s precisely what holistic therapy offers.  Rather than just treat the symptom; that is, the addiction, holistic treatment centers work with the individual to help them establish and maintain a drug free life.

Addiction Is a Symptom

Addiction is a disease, just like the flu or measles.  Unlike these other diseases, where you can see that something else is causing the symptoms, the cause of addiction may not be outwardly apparent. In many cases, the underlying cause might be due to a mental disorder, another type of disease, or pressing societal issues. The victim of addiction keeps returning to their substance abuse as a way to cope with the problems in their lives.

Holistic therapy treats the individual as a whole, complex person who needs to focus on their mental health, their physical health, and their spiritual health.  The idea is for the addict to not make drugs and alcohol their coping mechanism, but rather use other, more healthy and more useful coping strategies that will aid the addict throughout their entire drug free life.

How Holistic Treatment Works

In a holistic rehab center, the addict must undergo detox to rid them of the poisons and toxins that they have put in their bodies due to their addiction.  This stage is critical because it enables the body to eliminate its dependency on the substance.  Detox is relatively painless using holistic treatment designed to minimize symptoms and maximize comfort. During this time the client may be introduced to ways to deal with stress as well as learn good nutrition and focus on what problems cause them to turn to substance abuse.  The time the client spends in the detox portion of the treatment depends largely on the person and the substance(s) they abused.

A Critical Phase of Rehab

After detox the client goes into the second phase of rehab, which is dealing with the client’s overall addiction. Most people, when they think of drug rehab, think in terms of detox.  While detox is vitally important for the addict, the second phase is even more crucial.  The reason is detox only gets the substance out of the body so that the person is no longer dependent on the drug.  Detox, however, does not treat the addiction, which occurs in the mind.   So just going through detox will likely cause a relapse because the underlying cause of the addiction was not addressed.  Addiction is a symptom that something is wrong with the addict’s overall health, whether it is mental or physical.  The second part of rehab has to do with identifying the problem and coming up with solutions that will fit that individual.

Holistic Treatment Works on the Entire Individual

“Holistic” is the term that is used to describe treating the entire individual, and not just the affliction.  In holistic rehab therapy, the client may practice yoga, work on mindful meditation, relax with aromatherapy and massage therapy, experience art and music therapy, or even adventure therapy. The idea is to give the person options for what works best for each individual.  It’s not enough to just talk to a therapist for some people. They need to have ways of dealing with their addiction so that they don’t relapse.  This is why holistic treatment for drug and alcohol addicts works well treating their addiction.  It gives them a different treatment that fits their needs and personality.

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