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Looking for a rehab program that doesn’t entail the guilt of a 12 Step program?  Looking for a rehab program that works?  Consider the non 12 Step rehab programs and get rid of an addiction for good.

What are 12 Step Programs?

Many people are aware of the 12 Step programs and how they work.  They focus on the addict and state that it is their fault they became alcoholics and drug addicts in the first place.  However, 12 step programs are based on programs created almost 100 years ago to treat substance abuse. Rehab technology has come further than that.  Think about how people were treated for mental illness, cancer, and diseases.  Doctors would never think to treat patients as they did back then, so why do people still think 12 step programs work?

What’s the Difference Between a 12 Step Program and Non 12 Step Rehab?

Drug addiction and alcoholism isn’t due to a lack of character.  Drug addiction and alcoholism comes from a real disease, just as if one has depression, the flu, or a cold. The problem with 12 step programs is that they fail to acknowledge that addiction is a mental illness, just like depression, schizophrenia, or bipolar disorder.  They believe that once you are an addict, you are always an addict.  That’s simply not true.

In non 12 step recovery programs, a person is treated for the disease of addiction.  The person is treated as a complex human being rather than just a drug addict or alcoholic. The reason why a person chooses to do drugs is as varied as the people who come seeking treatment in non 12 step rehab centers.  Something drove that person to try drugs and get hooked on more addicted forms.  The non 12 step rehab program addresses both the addiction and what led the person to get addicted in the first place.

How Non 12 Step Rehabs Work

When a person enters a non 12 Step program, they go into detox. In most cases, non 12 step programs have medical personnel that makes detox as safe and painless as possible.  During detox, the program may start the addict on learning and understanding their addiction and how to change their behaviors which lead to using. Once the toxins are out of the addict’s system, the addict is no longer dependent on the drug but needs to be treated for the addiction.

In many cases, addicts often have dual diagnoses, that is, a mental health problem in conjunction with the drug or alcohol abuse. The addict may have caused the problem through drug use or may have had the problem and unknowingly tried to “self-medicate” to relieve the worst of the symptoms.

The therapy part of rehab is crucial for any addict to learn to control their behavior. Many times stresses and issues in their lives have caused addicts to look for relief in dangerous ways such as drugs and alcohol abuse. The non 12 Step rehabs work toward teaching better coping strategies to handle the stresses of life.  The addict relearns how to deal with their problems in a way that doesn’t require drugs or alcohol to escape them. By relearning how they should react, they are able to avoid drugs and alcohol. At the same time, they receive treatment for any other problems or health concerns they might have.

Get Help with Non 12 Step Rehab

Although drug and alcohol addiction is difficult to overcome and relapses do exist, a non 12 Step rehab gives the addict the best possible chance to put drugs and alcohol aside. When looking to find real relief from a drug or alcohol addiction, check out a non 12 Step program.

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