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The friends and family of a person struggling with substance abuse all experience the effects of the illness which puts a big strain on everyone involved. A drug intervention specialist often provides families with a lifeline to get their addicted loved one into treatment to enable everyone involved to start afresh.

A drug abuse intervention provides a unique opportunity by all those affected by substance abuse to have a conversation about it. Naturally, these can be emotionally-charged events and so it is very helpful to have a drug abuse intervention specialist in attendance to ensure the best outcomes. Ultimately, the objective is to help the addict see the damage they are doing to themselves and those they love so that they are motivated to seek rehab.

How Substance Abuse Hurts Families

Substance abuse doesn’t just destroy the lives of the person addicted to drugs or alcohol. The wider consequences of their behavior have a significant effect on the people they share their lives with too. When an individual is in the grips of addiction, they often hurt their friends and families through their behavior which becomes progressively more erratic and aggressive as their illness worsens. Some people resort to stealing money or valuables from family members in order to obtain more drugs and alcohol, which naturally has a consequence for someone else.

When the person struggling with addiction is a parent, they can neglect the basic needs of their children. This is not through consciously selfish acts but as a result of an overwhelming compulsion to use alcohol or drugs that they are unable to control. Despite the fact that an addict might not intentionally hurt those close to them, particularly dependent children, the way they prioritize substance use above anything else often places others in the crossfire.

Enabling and Codependency

Although family members suffer the ill effects of substance abuse, they can also be responsible for contributing to addictive behavior. When someone enables an addict, they make it possible for them to continue using alcohol or drugs. This can be in simple ways such as paying the person’s rent because they have used their money to buy drugs or alcohol. This doesn’t allow the addict to recognize the problems they are creating for themselves by not reaching out for help.

Some members of the family engage in enabling actions because of a genuine desire to help their addicted loved one. Substance abuse and addiction is such a destructive illness that it can be very difficult for loved ones to witness. An addict who is suffering withdrawal from alcohol or drugs is often likely to do just about anything to get their next fix. Their pleas for help are likely to be extremely powerful, particularly for people with close emotional ties to them. This is another reason it is always a good idea to involve a third party drug intervention specialist when it comes time for the addict to be faced with the damage their substance abuse has done.

How a Drug Intervention Program Helps

When a drug abuse intervention is properly planned and executed, it can be an extremely positive experience for everyone involved. It is enormously beneficial for everyone including the addict to talk openly and honestly about their experiences and to air any grievance they may have. Without expressing these difficult feelings, it is easy for resentments to build that can damage relationships permanently.

Once a drug intervention program has been successful – and there is no guarantee – then it is much easier for the family as a unit to go on to heal together.

Professional Help with Drug Intervention Programs

An intervention is a very delicate process that needs planning in advance. A professional interventionist will be able to help families put together the necessary elements of an intervention so that the event will run smoothly. This will involve getting each person involved to write down their grievances with the addicted person in as much detail as possible. While it is important that everyone has their say in a drug intervention program, it is also essential that what they say is delivered without condemnation or blame.

Treading the fine line between intervening in substance abuse and damaging family relationships is made much easier by the presence of a neutral third party. A drug intervention specialist can also work closely with the family to ensure everyone has a positive experience of the event and that arrangements have been made for the subject to enter rehab when it is over.

Ultimately, a drug intervention program is not an opportunity to condemn a person for their substance abuse. They are intended to be events that result in positive steps being taken to heal not just the addict but their loved ones also. The majority of rehab programs offer a component of family therapy or counseling that can ensure everyone stays on course for a healthier and happier future that is free from the harmful effects of drugs and alcohol.

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