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Millions of Americans are affected by substance abuse and addiction every year, with many of them failing to reach out for the treatment they need. When the vitally important decision to enter rehab has been made, finding the right plan of action can be difficult, particularly with such a wide range of options available.

Every individual struggling with drugs or alcohol is different and will handle the process of recovery in their own way. Some find themselves overwhelmed or confused by the treatment options available to them. This article focuses on the benefits of holistic treatment at a holistic recovery center such as Elevate and the reasons why it is so successful.

What Does the Term Holistic Truly Mean?

Although holistic medicine has been around for over 5,000 years, many people still don’t quite understand what it is. Holism deals with the person as a whole in terms of mind, body, and spirit because they are all directly connected with each other.

In holistic practice, every part of the body works together as one to support the overall physical, emotional and psychological health of the individual. Conversely, conventional medicine treats the symptoms of illness as they present. In terms of healing a serious condition like addiction, the holistic approach treats the individual themselves, rather than the symptoms they are experiencing.

The Six Key Benefits of Holistic Treatment

  1. Treating of Mind, Body, and Spirit

Elevate’s holistic approach to healing addiction is centered on the concept that a person should be emotionally, physically and psychologically healthy in order for them to live a fulfilling, substance-free life. Rather than solely addressing the physical effects of substance abuse, the holistic approach combines all the parts of an individual to heal overall well being.

  1. Effective Traditional Therapies Remain the Foundation of Care

There are many methods that have been used to treat addiction for decades, some for centuries. These tried and tested therapies still form the basis of our holistic approach to substance abuse. We combine various complementary and evidence-based therapies to treat all the components of the individual seeking our help.

  1. Caring and Compassionate Environment

Elevate holistic therapy centers provide a safe, sober and secure environment that garners openness and healing. Therapists are trained and highly experienced in treating the varying issues people with substance use disorder face. Therapeutic interventions are delivered in a compassionate and empathetic way that resonates with the individual’s recovery objectives to ensure the best chances of long-term success.

  1. High Rates of Long-Term Success

Research shows that when combined with evidence-based addiction treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy, holistic therapy is very effective. A higher percentage of individuals experience a fulfilling recovery than those treated by other methods. This is mainly because Elevate’s integrated holistic approach addresses the issues driving addictive behavior which allows for positive change.

  1. Greater Selection of Diverse Holistic Treatment Options

There are a wide variety of activities and therapies available at Elevate holistic recovery centers so that there is something to appeal to all types of personalities. Adventure therapy gets clients outdoors, taking them far away from their comfort zone so that they learn to identify their strengths and weaknesses. Meditation and other mindfulness practices allow patients to develop coping skills to protect sobriety after rehab and art & music therapy allows for non-verbal expression and self-exploration.

  1. Quality Aftercare Programs and Follow Up

A component of holistic addiction treatment that is as important as detox and rehab is aftercare. Patients transitioning from the sanctity of an Elevate holistic recovery center and back into their daily lives need extra support, particularly in the first few days and weeks in recovery. There is more chance of achieving long-term sobriety if individuals feel they are fully supported which is why aftercare is made available for as long as they require it. Due to the fact addiction is a relapsing illness, clients may return to aftercare even years after initially completing a rehab program at a holistic recovery center.

Why is Holistic Treatment So Successful?

Addiction is an illness that is as complex as individuals themselves. Everyone has a different reason why they first started using drugs or alcohol and face a different set of personal circumstances in their daily lives. Some may come from a supportive background where family members and loved ones are rooting for them to overcome their issues, whereas for others this is not the case.

The principle advantage of holistic therapy is that it is easy to personalize therapies for each individual’s specific set of treatment needs. Holistic treatment centers like Elevate look at the person as a whole and then treat mind, body, and spirit collectively while recognizing that they are not defined by their substance abuse problem.

The Importance of Seeking Treatment Promptly

It takes time to overcome addiction, sometimes a lifetime. Although many are tempted to try, it is not easy to stop abusing drugs or alcohol without professional help. In many cases, people start to use in response to a trauma, loss of a loved one, divorce, low self-esteem and a myriad of other reasons.

If you recognize that your relationship with alcohol or drugs has the potential to become unhealthy, it is always advisable to seek help as soon as possible. Addiction is a progressive illness that becomes more severe as a person continues to abuse substances. Seeking help in the earliest possible stages can prevent people from developing dependence or addiction completely.

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