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Over the past few decades, holistic therapies have become much more widely accepted for their effectiveness in addiction treatment. A heroin treatment center can offer people with substance use disorder several different routes to rehabilitation and recovery that resonates on an emotional, physical and psychological level.

Substance use disorder or drug addiction as its mainly labeled is an often devastating illness that wreaks havoc on a person’s life, damaging those close to them also. Fortunately, our understanding of the illness has improved significantly and there are numerous treatment approaches available for all types of addiction. These days, heroin rehab centers in San Jose provide a wide range of holistic services to suit all types and degrees of drug and alcohol addiction.

However, the focus of this article is on complementary, alternative or holistic approaches generally offered at heroin rehab facilities. We’ll be taking a look at how different holistic therapies offer distinct benefits to people fighting drug or alcohol addiction and how they can lead to a longer-term recovery.

What Can Holistic Therapies Offer Someone with Heroin Addiction?

Heroin is an extremely powerful drug that has significantly damaging properties when abused. Many people suffering from heroin dependence are likely to have started using prescription drugs which have led to them becoming “hooked” on them. Heroin addiction is a particularly insidious form of the illness that is at epidemic levels in America. However, holistic therapies have been shown to be particularly beneficial in a heroin rehab facility mainly because they introduce a gentle approach to total wellness without medications.

As well as lessening cravings for drugs and relieving the physical symptoms of withdrawal, holistic approaches also deal with the deeper-rooted issues behind a person’s addiction illness. Treating addiction takes more than dealing with symptoms. Without unraveling the reasons behind someone developing the illness, it is unlikely they will be sufficiently equipped to cope with a drug-free life. Ultimately, the objective of any rehabilitation approach is to achieve long-term sobriety although there are many routes people can take to get themselves there.

Holistic therapies such as yoga, nutrition therapy, massage and physical exercise each have considerable merit at Elevate’s heroin rehab centers in San Jose. The reason holistic therapies sometimes prove effective where programs at traditional heroin treatment centers have failed is that they provide additional physical and emotional support. People with addiction issues are likely to have become isolated from others and their lives will have become dominated by heroin cravings or use. When someone has neglected their personal health and happiness because of addiction, holistic therapies can “reset” their psyche so that they learn how to make themselves a priority in their lives.

When someone stops taking a drug as powerful as heroin when entering detox, the withdrawal symptoms can be severe and sometimes life-threatening. Holistic therapies offered at heroin rehab centers in San Jose are invaluable in relieving the more emotional symptoms experienced such as stress, anxiety and sometimes even panic. After detox has been successfully completed, patients in holistic heroin rehab facilities continue to receive holistic therapy in whatever form best resonates with them. A distinct advantage of holistic detox and rehab is that practices and techniques learned can provide patients with invaluable coping mechanisms against relapse when they leave the center.

Effective Holistic Therapies Used To Treat Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Some holistic therapies involve manipulation of the body such as massage and acupuncture, some focus more on emotional wellbeing like mindfulness practices and others are biologically based, which is the case of homeopathic medicine and nutrition therapy.

Each area of focus provides powerful tools both during rehab and after in recovery. They work by reducing cravings for drugs and relieving any stress or pain associated with their use. Techniques are passed on to patients that allow them to respond to stressful situations differently so that they don’t resort to using drugs. For example, a mindfulness practice like meditation can provide someone with a roadmap to achieve a more relaxed state. Being able to process negative encounters and deal with them in healthy ways is an extremely powerful form of relapse protection.

Physical exercise has also been shown to have a very positive effect on recovery outcomes. These kinds of holistic therapies, which include yoga, work by increasing levels of a neurotransmitter called GABA. This prevents nerve cell communication which serves to reduce stress and anxiety. Research has shown that dual diagnosis patients who are suffering from addiction and a co-occurring mental illness are particularly responsive to increased GABA neurotransmission.

Heroin detox, rehabilitation, and recovery can be a tough journey from someone who has become dependent on this mind-altering drug. However, taking the holistic heroin treatment centers provide a gentle alternative to the traditional medical approach which is particularly invaluable for someone who is seeking to be drug-free. The benefits of professional holistic rehab should not be underestimated and for someone who is ready to embrace profound changes in their lives, it is often the best route to take.

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