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Elevate Addiction Services believes that recovery from addiction should be a natural process that releases a person from dependence on medications. When addiction is treated with medication, although it addresses the physical effects of the illness, it can also serve to prevent real recovery as it often masks or hides symptoms that need to be dealt with to overcome. This can often mean that a person’s recovery can appear to be more stable than it is.

Addiction illness is more than a physical dependence on substances. There are invariably psychological issues driving a need to abuse drugs that can’t be “cured” with medical treatments. When someone is fighting to overcome addiction in holistic drug treatment centers, their bodies are encouraged to adjust naturally to abstinence. Addiction is unlike conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes in that it is more complex to treat. It is simply not a case of prescribing a medication and waiting for addiction to lessen its grip.

In contrast to medication-aided rehab, Elevate is a holistic recovery center. Ultimately our goal is to ensure patients leave holistic drug rehab completely substance-free as it is more likely to result in a long-term recovery. When a person is able to cope with life without resorting to substance abuse to deal with difficult situations, our goal has been achieved.

What Is Holistic Healing?

Holistic recovery centers address a person’s physical, emotional, spiritual and nutritional needs rather than the symptoms of their illness. Holistic recovery centers are designed to empower patients to take control of their own wellbeing by learning valuable life skills in programs that include conventional and alternative therapies.

One of the principal benefits of the holistic drug treatment centers is that patients have access to a wide variety of treatments and therapies which makes it more likely for them to find a path to healing that best resonates with them.

Elevate Addiction Services offer the following holistic treatments and therapies at our San Jose facilities:

Mindfulness Training

Mindfulness is an ancient philosophy that teaches people how to live “in the moment”. This is effective in holistic drug rehab centers as patients find out how they can shut out the distractions of the modern world and focus on themselves in a healing environment.

When someone has become dependent or addicted to drugs, they become disconnected from everything around them. Drugs become the focal point of their lives as their compulsion to use grows with deepening addiction and many lose all sense of self-awareness. Ultimately this means they have no control of their thought processes or behaviors because they are driven by addiction.

Mindfulness allows patients to find clarity of thought by achieving a relaxed state and focusing on breathing. This empowers and enables patients to make healthier choices when faced with stressful situations that would otherwise have led to substance abuse.


Yoga has become widely recognized as an effective form of physical exercise that draws from mindfulness practices for holistic healing. Yoga is effective because it restores the balance of mind, body, and spirit while also teaching patients how to be more self-aware and less impulsive in their behavior.

A yoga session can be intensely physical, taking the form of sequenced stretches, postures, and positions. Patients are encouraged to concentrate on deep breathing while focusing on individual body parts, progressively working through the whole body. The practice allows patients to improve their fitness levels while reducing stress and also teaches them how to evoke a relaxed state on their own.

Yoga has been shown to improve a person’s confidence levels and boost self-esteem which is invaluable in holistic drug treatment centers. Many people struggling with substance use disorder become isolated from others and have a very negative view of themselves. Yoga restores this imbalance while strengthening the body, improving sleeping and eating patterns and reducing anxiety and depression.

Body Rejuvenation Therapy

The majority of people suffering from addiction have nutritional deficiencies as a result of a poor diet lacking necessary vitamins and minerals. Poor nutrition often goes hand-in-hand with addiction and can result in serious health problems unless changes are made. Elevate offers rejuvenation therapy which is designed to reverse the damage done to the body by substance abuse.

Body rejuvenation therapy uses a combination of amino acids, vitamins, and herbal supplements to achieve the following:

  • Regulate mood swings
  • Reverse negative feelings
  • Restore natural serotonin and dopamine production

The objective of body rejuvenation therapy is to replenish the body’s nutritional foundation because when a person is well-nourished they achieve natural feelings of well-being.

Art and Music Therapy

Addicts often find it difficult or even impossible to communicate their thoughts and feelings. In a rehab environment, this can lead to difficulties in establishing the most appropriate course of treatment. Art and music therapy is designed to give patients additional tools for personal expression and communication which also allows them to explore their innermost thoughts.

The mediums of art and music encourage patients to be introspective, thinking carefully about what they want to say before committing pen to paper. Many find it much easier to express thoughts in non-verbal ways, making art and music therapy an extremely popular choice in holistic drug rehab centers. Many patients also discover talents they may not have been previously aware of, providing them with new interests to assist them in recovery.


If you think about how we react to unpleasant smells, it’s not unreasonable to think that aroma has a connection with how we feel. Aromatherapy is an ancient practice that uses diffused essential oils to fill rooms with aromatic vapor. The scents used in aromatherapy have been shown to improve mental, physical and emotional health.

At Elevate, we have discovered that aromatherapy is extremely helpful with the following:

  • Relaxation
  • Alertness and mental clarity
  • Improved sleep
  • Reduced withdrawal symptoms

When patients have completed holistic drug rehab, they are able to use the same essential oils in recovery to assist them in maintaining sobriety.

Many More Options for Holistic Drug Rehab

In this article, we have just skimmed the surface of therapies available in holistic drug rehab centers. The options available ensure there is an alternative therapy or treatment to suit the individual needs of all patients in rehab. It is important to know that there are several holistic paths to rehabilitation and recovery from addiction, each with their own specific benefits.

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