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Holistic therapies have become extremely popular in America’s best rehab treatment centers, mainly due to their effectiveness. However, not everyone knows what holistic rehab drug treatment involves and how they are useful in helping people overcome substance abuse.

The holistic approach to rehabilitation therapy seeks to heal the individual’s overall wellbeing by treating their physical, emotional and mental health. Whereas traditional medicine treats the symptoms of illness, holistic medicine seeks to identify and address the underlying causes.

About Holistic Rehab Drug Treatment

One of the principle reasons the holistic approach in rehab treatment centers is so effective is because it promotes natural therapies. Many people struggling with substance abuse are prescribed other very powerful medications to help reduce their dependence on a particular drug. However, this can lead to one addiction being replaced with another, which holistic rehabilitation therapy seeks to prevent.

Holistic rehabilitation programs have the following features:

  • The use of natural and safe therapeutic options
  • Integrated programs with medical, educational, psychological, spiritual and physical healing components
  • Identifies the root causes of illness rather than just treating its symptoms
  • Encourages patient autonomy and allows for honest communication with therapists
  • Consistent and continued support for the patient’s overall wellbeing in rehabilitation therapy and recovery

How the Holistic Approach Fine-Tunes Recovery

Holistic therapies are very effective when used in detox and rehab drug treatment programs and they also play a vital role in restoring an individual’s balance for improved recovery outcomes. Holistic therapies like meditation and yoga have been shown to be highly effective when used as coping mechanisms to prevent relapse. According to recent scientific studies, rehab treatment centers show significantly improved success rates when there are holistic components in a treatment program.

One of the big advantages of holistic rehabilitation programs is that they offer many more therapy options than other types of addiction treatment. For example, experiential treatments like art and music therapy provide people with unique ways of expressing themselves, which improves self-awareness. Adventure therapy is another activity offered at holistic rehab that places individuals in challenging situations where they discover their strengths and weaknesses.

In essence, holistic rehab drug treatment is very focused on the needs of the individual as a whole. By teaching clients healthy ways of dealing with the stresses of daily life, it is possible for them to better protect sobriety. Some people may have initially started using drugs or alcohol in response to a difficult emotional experience or trauma. Holistic rehab treatment centers seek to unravel the reasons behind initial substance use to discover what triggered it to become substance abuse.

Holistic Therapies Used in Drug and Alcohol Abuse Rehab

Meditation and Yoga

Both meditation and yoga are mindfulness practices that help clients improve self-awareness and also their responses to stress. Many people who have struggled with substance abuse become victims of a never-ending internal dialogue driving their addictive behavior. Mindfulness is about shifting a person’s focus from what’s going on in their heads to individual parts of their body, while controlling their breathing. Yoga involves a series of postures which are also carried out with controlled breathing, which promotes a sense of complete relaxation despite being a very physical activity.

Adventure Therapy

People lose a sense of their identity when they have been using and abusing drugs. The environment is very important in allowing a person to rediscover themselves and adventure therapy promotes this process. Adventure therapy is a very physical activity that requires individuals to overcome challenges beyond their usual scope of experience. This enables people to learn how far they can push themselves in difficult situations and also encourages a team spirit with trust-based relationships. We often discovery most about ourselves when pushed to the limit and adventure therapy offers this, with full supervision at all times.

Physical Exercise and Nutrition

When someone has been struggling with substance abuse, they often neglect themselves. It is not uncommon for individuals to skip meals altogether and remain sedentary for days on end when they are in the grips of addiction. Good nutrition is crucial for a person to restore a healthy balance and this is particularly true in a rehab setting. Holistic rehab seeks to educate clients on a healthy diet and also empowers them to maintain recovery over the long-term.

Individual and Group Therapy

One-to-one and group therapy sessions are generally a major component of all types of rehab and in holistic centers, it is no different. The best holistic rehab centers offer cognitive behavioral therapy and other evidence-based therapies in programs integrated with complementary treatment. Discussion therapies are invaluable in providing a way for people with addiction to unravel the nature of their problems.

CBT and other similar therapies are invaluable in guiding individuals to the thought processes that drive addiction. This is achieved through discussion, education and practical exercises that allow for deep self-exploration. Whether in an individual session with a therapist or in a group of like minded peers, discussion therapy is essential both in rehab and for many years in recovery as an invaluable source of support.

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