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Inpatient Addiction Treatment

Recovering from a severe drug or alcohol addiction is a long and difficult process. Many people don’t have the resolve nor the resources to take on such a challenge by themselves. An inpatient rehab or inpatient alcohol treatment program is often the way to go if the patient truly wants to succeed and maintain their sobriety on a long-term basis. Elevate Addiction Services’ San Jose rehab centers offer patients both inpatient rehab and outpatient treatment options that are best suited to their individual needs.

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Inpatient Drug Program

When an inpatient drug program is called for, the patient must undergo a detox program to remove the toxins from their system. As the toxins are flushed away, a nutritionally sound diet is provided that helps to boost the immune system and strengthen both the body and the mind. Intensive counseling is also provided to teach the patient new coping skills they can rely on instead of reverting back to their old habits.

Adventure therapy and other forms of treatment are also offered that engages the patient, allowing them to move forward and create positive lifestyle habits and behaviors. As the patient starts to break the habits that kept them trapped within their addiction, they are taught new behaviors and patterns that, over time, will become second nature.

Inpatient Alcohol Program

Inpatient alcohol programs are the key to success at Elevate’s drug rehab centers. The amount of time and extent of their alcohol use will determine how much time the patient must spend during the detoxification process. Inpatient alcohol rehab programs offer a variety of treatment options that include counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, and adventure therapy. Because alcohol is often more readily available and can be found in many products that are kept in the home, the patient must learn how to avoid temptation while living a holistic, drug and alcohol-free lifestyle.

Why Admission Into Inpatient Alcohol Treatment Centers Is So Important

Admission into an inpatient alcohol treatment center is extremely important because it allows the patient to be closely monitored. For many people, avoiding alcohol outside of a structured treatment center can be difficult. For the first few weeks or months of recovery, a structured environment provides them a safe and comfortable atmosphere in which to begin their healing process. There are many things to consider when choosing an alcohol or drug rehab center, especially if the patient will be admitted for a long period of time. The goal is to give them the opportunity to seek aggressive treatment without distractions or disruptions that could derail their focus. Admitting a patient into this type of rehab allows them to focus fully on themselves, their issues, and their health so that when treatment is over, they have the ability to participate in society without fear of relapsing.

Looking Toward the Future

After a patient has been released from an inpatient treatment center, they face the uncertainty of sobriety in an environment where they may be exposed to the drugs and alcohol that fueled their addiction. During rehab, they were taught a variety of coping skills that they can use to help avoid the situations they used to find themselves in. The goal for each person leaving rehab is different. Some may choose to move as far away from their friends and old neighborhood as possible and pursue an education or career path that was unavailable to them while they were addicted. Others may return to their family.

When returning to a family situation, many rehab centers offer to counsel to family members so that they understand the path of addiction and how they can help their loved one to stay away from it.

Constant Care Is Needed

Our inpatient alcohol and drug rehab centers provide the constant level of care that many patients need during their recovery. The intensity and aggressiveness of the treatment plans go further than other forms of treatment because the patient is under constant supervision. The goal is to break down the boundaries established by the drugs and alcohol and create a new set of resources the patient can use to continue to move forward.

Recovery is a long process, but it isn’t an impossible one. Commitment and dedication to staying sober are the foundation that patients must begin to build their life on. It starts with that first step and the willingness to enter treatment.

Take Back Your Life Today

Don't settle for a boilerplate rehab experience. All it takes is one phone call to get started on changing your life or that of a loved one for the better.

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