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Drug and alcohol abuse can be a frightening thing to watch, especially if a loved one is using intravenous drugs. Many people seek intervention help as a last resort to help their friend or family member get the treatment they need from a qualified, holistic intervention drug rehab center. The professional staff at Elevate Addiction Services’ intervention center can offer many different kinds of treatment that are designed to help every aspect of the addiction on a holistic level, including the patient’s body, mind, and spirit.

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Don't settle for a boilerplate rehab experience. All it takes is one phone call to get started on changing your life or that of a loved one for the better.

What Is an Intervention?

An intervention can take many forms. It can be a small gathering where friends and family of the patient let them know what their intentions are. Family members who have enabled the patient in the past may declare their intention to stop assisting them or providing financial support unless they get the treatment they need.

The main purpose of an intervention is to get the patient to realize their destructive behaviors and choose to seek treatment on their own. While they can refuse the opportunity, many choose to enter an intervention center because they finally see how their actions are affecting those who care for them.

Benefits Offered by Elevate’s Intervention Rehab Center

Intervention rehab centers are designed to deal with the most severe cases of addiction. When a person has reached the point where an intervention is necessary, it means they are no longer in control of their behavior or how they respond to circumstances when they no longer have access to their drug of choice. This can lead to emotional outbursts and bouts of self-harm that require medical attention.

For these reasons, Elevate’s ntervention rehab centers are staffed by highly trained, recovery professionals who are capable of assessing a patient’s situation and what type of treatment options will work best to provide them with the sobriety they long for. A treatment plan is formulated that addresses the patient’s immediate needs, helps them to work through the detoxification process and ultimately provides them with the skills and new behaviors they need to thrive once they leave the treatment center.

San Jose Rehab Specialists at Elevate

Intervention help is available for those who need the extra assistance when it comes to becoming aware of just how dire their situation is. Our San Jose rehab specialists offer intervention help because they understand the fear of losing a family member to drugs and alcohol. Their ultimate goal is to treat the patient in a truly holistic fashion. It’s essential to treat the physical body to reduce the symptoms of withdrawal and to provide mental and emotional support that allows the person to understand the mechanisms within their body and mind that allow the addiction to occur. Intervention rehab also gives them an opportunity to learn coping skills that can be used throughout their lifetime.

What Happens If They Relapse?

Suffering a relapse is not the end of the world. Everyone knows what it’s like to fall back into a bad habit. Treatment only fails if the person refuses to seek help a second time. Some people need to relapse to gain the true benefits out of long-term recovery. Individuals who work at intervention centers know how easy it is for a former drug user to return to their old habits. The key is teaching the beauty of a life without the drugs and alcohol. Relapsing is part of the process for many. If a relapse does occur, it’s essential that the person is shown that they are still important, and that help is still available.

When a loved one needs an intervention, it’s important that trained facilitators be brought in that understand this level of addiction. It is not an easy process, but addiction can be overcome. Patients who agree to seek treatment will need all of the support and encouragement they can get. An intervention rehab program can help the patient get their life back on track and allow them to fully regain their health.

Take Back Your Life Today

Don't settle for a boilerplate rehab experience. All it takes is one phone call to get started on changing your life or that of a loved one for the better.

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