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Individuals who have been using and abusing drugs or alcohol (or both) are likely need some nutritional and physical therapy. However, the damage is not limited to their physical health as abusing drugs and alcohol has an equally toxic influence on an individual’s state of mind and emotional being.

Addiction is a chronic illness that individuals can successfully manage when they have attended a rehab treatment center. The conventional medical approach seeks to treat the symptoms of addiction illness using pharmacological tools, whereas a more natural or holistic approach is designed to treat the person as a whole.

Substance abuse and addiction lead to chemical imbalances brain’s reward system which needs to be addressed and corrected with rehabilitation therapy. However, whereas the majority of rehab programs will treat patients with medications, holistic recovery centers like Elevate use the natural approach.

We believe that if medications are used to treat patients recovering from addiction to toxic substances such as cocaine, heroin or alcohol, it does nothing to fix the problem. In fact, there is always a risk of patients becoming reliant on another type of medication than the one they were abusing.

Holistic Therapies Used In Rehab Treatment Centers and How They Work

For people who have been abusing drugs or alcohol for a period of time need to be healed on several levels. Not only is their physical health impaired as a result of substance abuse, their emotional and psychological health has also been damaged. Holistic recovery centers recognize how the mind, body, and spirit are connected and how a problem in one area can negatively impact another.

The nature of addiction means that it develops over time which is why the damage done can be so significant. Holistic recovery centers encourage patients to engage in self-exploration so that they can unravel their illness to get to its root. An important objective of all rehabilitation therapy is to get individuals to the point where they are able to manage their issues on their own.

Elevate’s holistic detox and rehab program includes the following components which can be incorporated into a personalized treatment plan:

Meditation and Yoga

Meditation and yoga are among the most well-known holistic practices although not many people may know of the benefits in a rehabilitation therapy context. Ultimately, the goal of these practices is to allow patients to connect with their bodies and achieve a mentally relaxing state. Breathing is important in both these holistic practices, which introduces patients to a natural way of relaxing without the need to use substances.

Art & Music Therapy

Individual, group and other discussion-based therapies are widely acknowledged as being invaluable in rehabilitating addicts. However, verbal communication doesn’t come easily for many individuals who have been struggling with substance abuse. They are likely to have become extremely withdrawn from loved ones and friends to the extent that the only people they communicate with are others abusing substances.

Art and music therapy introduce new ways of communicating innermost thoughts and also provides a mechanism for self-exploration. Patients learn much about themselves through using art or music as a channel for communication because both media require introspection. Art and music is a type of experiential therapy that provides healing through a guided and supervised activity.

Massage Therapy

Detoxification is the first step of all rehab processes and often what individuals entering a center dread the most. At Elevate, we recommend a 30-day period for detox which allows sufficient time to purge the body of accumulated toxins from substance abuse through natural methods. One of the holistic techniques we use to make detox more comfortable is massage therapy. The therapeutic touch of massage is very beneficial in relieving some of the withdrawal symptoms patients may experience when detoxing by:

  • Soothing aches and pains related to withdrawal
  • Improving circulation
  • Reducing stress levels
  • Relaxing the body

Physical Fitness

Physical exercise is used to provide healing for the body at Elevate rehab treatment centers. Many people entering rehab will have deteriorated fitness levels as a result of a consistently poor diet and lack of exercise. When the body is out of condition, it is more likely to become prone to infection or illness and if a person is abusing substances as well, serious health complications can result. Elevate places emphasis on improving fitness levels with regular exercise in order to strengthen the body and make it more effective in overcoming addiction.

Physical exercise increases the production of natural serotonin, which gives a pleasant and natural high sensation. Exercise is enormously valuable for individuals who have been abusing substances as it introduces them to natural ways of feeling good without drugs or alcohol. Another benefit of exercise is that in time it boosts self-confidence, particularly when the results are frequently remarked on by others. Introducing a regular fitness regime in recovery also provides a healthy structure for daily life in sobriety.

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